Building an Art Community

We want to build an Art Community of amazing and talented female artists. We want to share our skills, our knowledge, our interests and our passion. 

Our aim is to support and help each other, to inspire members who are already in this organisation and to collaborate with other communities and organisations that are aligned with our way of thinking.

We motivate and publish established and well established female artists to continue with their work, and to grow with their art.

We also encourage young girls who want to start their art career and have an interest and disposition in art, but do not have the support or means to do so.

We want to grow stronger as an Art Community to promote and create innovative and forward-thinking art with the help of our current members, potential members, partners, collaborators, volunteers, sponsors and other organisation


We have already built a community of talented and passionate artists, but we want to grow more and become the reference for female artists all around Nigeria and Africa. 

We are calling all the female artists: old, mature and young to contact us with examples of their work, with their ideas, their comments and to join us!

Click below for a List of our Members.

Engage with Us

Apart from calling female artists to join us and to strengthen our current members to collaborate amongst them, we encourage members of any other communities to engage with us.

You can engage with us by:

  • hiring our members for exhibitions, events, seminars, interviews, talks.
  • signing up to our Newsletter.
  • becoming a collaborator, volunteer, partner and sponsor.
  • sharing your skills and knowledge.